San Francisco, CA - 12 July 2014 - 16 August 2014

Summer Road Trip

Rena Bransten Projects

1639 Market Street
94103 San Francisco, CA
Online since 4 July 2014

Summer in America means road trips, evoking notions of freedom and adventure, of spectacular landscapes and expansive skies. The work in "Summer Road Trip" at Rena Bransten Projects doesn't show that kind of road trip. Taking a cue from John Water's hitchhiking journey from Baltimore to San Francisco, chronicled in his recent book "Carsick", our summer group exhibition explores the off-putting, humorously mundane, and potentially creepy sides to hitting the road. Read more...

San Francisco, CA - 5 June 2014 - 16 August 2014

Marc Katano - Angels' Share

Stephen Wirtz Gallery

49 Geary Street, 3rd Floor
94108 San Francisco, CA
Online since 1 June 2014

Stephen Wirtz Gallery announces "Angels' Share", an exhibition of new paintings on paper by Marc Katano. Katano's newest paintings connect the physicality of painting within interior moments of clarity. Emotionality and personal expression are inferred in the basic elements of painting through 'mark making', as seen in Japanese calligraphy. Read more...