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Lausanne - 5 September 2014 - 10 October 2014


Art Event
Online since 8 September 2014 14:32

The Austrian-American visual artist Marisa Baumgartner returns to Galerie d’(A) for a second solo exhibition, As the Crow Flies. Comprising mostly of acrylic and metal leaf on photographs, Baumgartner sources her images for this series primarily from NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States) and ESA (European Space Agency). These public domain satellite images are removed from their original geo-environmental context and abstracted. Read more...

Lausanne - 8 May 2014 18:00 - 21:00

JULIEN SPIANTI - L'homme est un homme pour l'homme

Art Event
Online since 25 April 2014 14:59

"L'homme est un homme pour l'homme"
9 MAY - 14 JUNE 2014

Lausanne - 15 March 2014 - 5 April 2014

Elodie Lesourd: Comfort in Being Sad

Art Event
Online since 12 March 2014 17:01

Le travail d'Elodie Lesourd est double. Il se déploie simultanément dans une pratique picturale dite hyperrockaliste (fondée sur un principe de transposition en peinture de vues d'installations d'autres artistes) et dans une recherche sémiologique épousant diverses formes plastiques. Ces deux pans sont mus par les mêmes questionnements, et donnent à sa démarche un caractère éminemment conceptuel. Elle téléporte des référents, issus de la culture populaire et de l'histoire de l'art, les défait pour mieux les reconstruire ailleurs. Read more...

Lausanne - 6 September 2013 - 11 October 2013


Art Event
Online since 3 September 2013 11:42

Galerie d’(A) is following the red thread that Muriel Décaillet used in her “Anima” exhibition, presented in 2010. The complexity of the feminine universe was then at the centre of her work. The artist has continued her reflection on the deeper feminine self by grasping the legends of the deities of the underworld, known as the Chthonians, with reference to the mother goddess, Gaia. Read more...

Lausanne - 31 January 2013 18:00 - 21:00

MARCUS EGLI - (d)eux

Art Event
Online since 21 January 2013 19:30

MARCUS EGLI | (d)eux
1 FEBRUARY - 23 MARCH 2013
Opening | Thursday 31 January 2013
18:00 - 21:00

The year 2013 starts off with the first solo exhibition by Swiss metal sculptor Marcus Egli at Galerie d’(A). The exhibition title “(d)eux” refers to the artist’s reflection on questions of identity – whether alone, as a couple or in a group; on the standardisation of the individual; and on our relationship, as individuals, with others. Read more...

Lausanne - 7 September 2012 - 9 October 2012

Guy Oberson "Endless walls, infinite sky"

Online since 14 September 2012 10:39

For the opening of its fifth season, Galerie d’(A) is pleased to present new works by Fribourg- and Berlin-based Swiss artist Guy Oberson in an exhibition entitled «Endless Walls, Infinite Sky».

« I want my paintings to be a visible representation of energy, pulsating with life, arousing the senses, expressing a state of violence and love. ». Read more...

Lausanne - 3 May 2012 18:00 - 21:00

Opening Reception : French Artist Coralie LAVERDET à Lausanne

Online since 2 May 2012 08:43

Galerie d’(A) is proud to present the first solo exhibition of the French artist Coralie Laverdet in Lausanne (Switzerland). The artist graduated from the famous Ecole Boulle and the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. In 2011, she received the second prize for the 7th International Paper Triennial in Charmey (Switzerland). This exhibition entitled “à la croisée des chemins”, introduces wood and paper crossing paths to offer an infinite choice of textures that the artist exhibits on a large scale. Read more...

Lausanne - 3 February 2012 - 31 March 2012

CHRISTIAN JELK - "La matière est lumière"

Art Event
Online since 23 January 2012 13:57

Christian Jelk, chairman of Visarte.Vaud, has chosen Galerie d’(A) to present his new research on engraving, in this first exhibition of his work. An architect by training, drawing has become the new territory of his thoughts while engraving reveals its meaning by bringing the matrix to light.

Drawing requires a lot of discipline and precision. Engraving came about as a way of bringing more spontaneity and freedom to his work. It naturally sprang out of drawing in a joint search for light. Drawing is like a scar and engraving its imprint. Read more...

Lausanne - 11 November 2011 - 22 December 2011

ERIC MARTINET - Peinture par ... effraction

Art Event
Online since 2 November 2011 17:11

In his exhibition “Peinture par ... effraction” (Breaking into… Painting), Swiss artist Eric Martinet brilliantly combines and brings to life two places close to his heart: the city of Lausanne and the surrounding mountains. Drawn in an intimate and precise style, these two worlds are contained in a dozen sketchbooks that accompany the artist on his journey. In the beginning there was no intention to paint, only the need to reproduce and immortalize the emotions evoked by the splendour of his surroundings. Then painting “broke in” as an extension of his sketchbooks. Read more...

Lausanne - 29 April 2011 19:30 - 21:00

Round table "en présence de..."

Online since 25 March 2011 11:07

Round table with the artists founders members of the publishing house Ripopée, livened up by the art historian Melissa Rérat. The talk will try to develop and answer the question : "The book as an artistic medium: which role play the publisher and the artist?" Read more...

Lausanne - 3 April 2011 10:30 - 14:00

Brunch Danois

Art Event
Online since 25 March 2011 10:58

Danish Brunch cooked by the artist Christina Jonsson. Don't hesitate to come to try different mixtures of tastes and arts with the artists founders members of the publishing house Ripopée. Read more...

Lausanne - 1 April 2011 - 1 May 2011

Vernissage de l'exposition "Ripopée Editions d'art et art de l'édition"

Art Event
Online since 23 March 2011 20:05

La maison de petite édition Ripopée, créée à Nyon en automne 2008 par trois jeunes artistes, fait du livre un terrain d’expérimentation où chaque artiste s’exprime dans le langage qui lui est propre. Les mots se mêlent aux images, jouent avec le trait ou s’effacent, la page devient œuvre d’art. A la fois atelier de fabrication, maison d’édition et magasin, Ripopée s’occupe de toutes les étapes menant à l’ouvrage imprimé. Fidèle à son nom, elle reste un mélange populaire, assemble des choses disparates pour concocter une recette éditoriale des plus savoureuses. Read more...