London - 13 May 2011 - 2 July 2011

Diann Bauer - The Enemy is Everything That Might Happen

Diann Bauer: The Enemy is to Happen, 2011
Diann Bauer: The Enemy is to Happen, 2011
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For her second solo show at Paradise Row, Bauer turns the rhetorical excess of extreme-cum-mainstream contemporary political discourse back on itself. Using wall painting and a series of near illegible political signs and posters, Bauer ramps up the apocalyptic hysteria of right-wing libertarian movements whilst simultaneously laying-bare their proximity to left-wing traditions of protest.

The works accelerate the logic of spectacle-driven politics to their maxed-out conclusion. Layering slogans from both the left and the right, Sarah Palin to The Red Army Faction, US Republican Congressmen to The Unabomber to The Invisible Committee; interlacing text and image, one sees the very principles of Western society being torn apart and mashed up, used and abused, regardless of their political thrust. Hit 'em where it hurts; the enemy is everything that might happen.

Diann Bauer is an American artist based in London and Berlin. She has had numerous exhibitions in the UK and abroad including "Dawnbreakers", John Hansard Gallery, Southampton (2010); "The Designated Area", DNA galerie, Berlin (2009); "O Fascinio de Ulysses", Luis Serpa Gallery, Lisbon (2008); "Panic Room - Works form the Dakis Joannou Collection", Deste Foundation, Athens (2007); and solo exhibitions at Paradise Row, The Showroom, and One in the Other, London, The Vamialis Gallery in Athens and the Fine Art University of Hanoi, Vietnam. Bauer is also a participant in the PoCA research group, based at Goldsmiths, London.

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