Berlin - 31 May 2008 - 19 July 2008

Vera Ida Müller - Obskur

Vera Ida Müller: Sequenz 01, 2008
Vera Ida Müller: Sequenz 01, 2008
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"Memory and dream are fundamental to my painted and plastic creations. So far I've been drawing, like a parasite, on the traces left by the real world. And I've been using them to generate a network linking an inner and an outer world." Vera Ida Müller chose these words to summarize her work at the beginning of a long conversation I had with her in March 2006. […]

Her memories and dreams, snatches of which she often embodies in her works, serve as architectural drawings or close-ups in films, which then fade out. It is as though a heavy door to a secret, private archive swings briefly open and, seconds later, slams shut. She is well aware, of course, that all ideas are personal creations. Human beings are, as it were, the product of their ideas: ideas which they cannot avoid, but with which they can and do engage.

Vera Ida Müller: Sequenz 03, 2008
Vera Ida Müller: Sequenz 03, 2008
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What painting portrays is the distillation of all these ideas, memories and dreams. […] As in a continuing film, individual sequences recur in her paintings - a window, a wall or an impression. But the next time they are sidelined or interwoven in the composition and almost unrecognizable. Other elements constantly re-emerge in the pictures, though their significance remains unclear. There are circling lines which seem to spin, and which trigger new ideas, bring memories together and prompt new pictorial discoveries. They are like further twists of the plot which lend new impetus to a story which had lost its way.

Vera Ida Müller invents no coded language. She paints what is going on in her innermost self and - related to this - what is happening around her. Her pictures mirror no intellectual experience. They deal, above all, with the physical. This is manifest in the pictures themselves, in their density. In the abundance of the information they convey, they are even comparable to 2D installations, ready to leap from their frames at any moment.

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