Luzern - 3 June 2009 - 5 July 2009

Love in the age of postponed democracy, the critical crisis. - Was kann heut Liebe alles (nicht mehr)?

Mary Kelly: WLM Demo Remix, 2005
Mary Kelly: WLM Demo Remix, 2005
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Judith Albert, Maya Galluzzi, Bettina Grossenbacher, Per Hüttner, Roland Iselin, Mary Kelly, Nathalie Oestreicher, Petra Zumbach, the final selection of further participating artists takes place during the "Behavior Workshop for Idiots" (May 25 - May 30, 2009, closed event). Workshop participants: Albert Heta, Satacion (Prishtina), Yane Calovski & Hristina Ianovska, Press-to-exit (Skopje), Fatos Ustek (Turkey/London), Mari Brellochs, GfKFB, network for artistic research (Berlin), Per Hüttner (Linköping/Paris) and Sixten Kai Nielsen & Martin Rosengaard, Wooloo Productions (Copenhagen).

The exhibition "Love in the age of postponed democracy, the critical crisis" concerns itself with images of love and attempts to regard it in a socio-critical as well as cultural context.

The selection of work describes an informative variety of Swiss and international video art and photography, that perceives of love as much less as a romantic ideal than a possible counter model to the capitalistic, democratic society of radical exchange (give, not give and take).

While some pieces of art shown in the exhibition scrutinize the old ideal, the illusion of the social concept of love and partnership, other works are interested in bringing forth something like a (imaginary) history of love or its inevitable changes over time. A third group occupies itself with historical events and their revolutionary and political content with regard to the individual – the concept of equality between women and men being one, for instance.

The most part of the video works on display will be suggested by a group of eight international cultural workers, which will gather in Lucerne one week before the opening attending the "Behavior Workshop for Idiots" organized by the Kunsthalle. Additionally, the Kunsthalle Luzern curates a number of Swiss video artwork and photography for the exhibition including the conceptual artist Mary Kelly's double projection WLM Demo Remix, 2008.

Curator: Lillian Fellmann

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